Olympic swimming legend Ryan Lochte is upstaged by cheeky wife in TikTok video

Six-time gold medalist Ryan Lochte and his wife of two years Kayla Rae Reid have left TikTok fans in stitches with their take on the ‘Flip the Switch’ challenge.

The married couple posted the clip on the social networking site earlier this week, with the 35-year-old swimmer posing alongside 28-year-old Reid in their bathroom.

Lochte is in the background in his trademark Speedos, with his partner applying lipstick in the foreground.

Midway through the clip they switch positions, with the Olympian wearing Reid’s top while topping up on lipstick of his own with a bewildered expression.

That leaves his wife with little to hide her modesty, and she then runs out of the room while hiding her chest with crossed arms.

The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent stay at home instructions delivered by governments around the world have left the public looking for ways to stay entertained, as pointed out in the video’s caption.

Lichte wrote: "Jumping on this TikTok bandwagon #quarantine."

The pair have two children together, Caiden and Liv, and are currently at home as a family with Ryan’s 2020 Olympic dreams put on hold.

Despite being of an old age for an Olympic swimmer, he has insisted that he will push on until 2021 with that being the new date for the tournament.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said: "I proposed to postpone for a year and [IOC] president Thomas Bach responded with 100 per cent agreement.”

With Lochte telling the Los Angeles Times: “I was a little pissed off because I’ve been training my butt off and I’ve been feeling great.

“This Olympics was going to be the most important of my career because of everything that’s happened in my past.”

The sporting icon was suspended for 10 months after a scandal in Rio, in which he fabricated a story about a robbery.

“But this whole thing is way bigger than me,” Lochte added.

“It’s way bigger than the Olympians, it’s affecting the entire world right now.”

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