NBA reacts to viral Ben Simmons shot

It may have been as the shot clock expired on the first half of a pre-season game — and come against a team from China — but Ben Simmons has hit his first NBA three-pointer.

Up 79-41 against the Guangzhou Long-Lions, Simmons rose up from a metre behind the arc with 2.3 seconds remaining in the half and confidently shot from long-range. Nothing but net.

It’s over. Picture: Philadelphia 76ersSource:Supplied

And the reaction was everything you expected. First, his teammates.

The entire bench went up as one as the shot dropped and franchise centre Joel Embiid made an immediate beeline to the Australian to celebrate.

Simmons is trying to play it down but Joel Embiid can’t contain himself. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)Source:AP

Then came the tweets. Simmons instantly started trending in the United States as a mixture of celebration — and fear — poured out.

“I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again: if Ben Simmons develops a jump shot, the 76ers will win the NBA Title,” tweeted ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

Ben Simmons just made a 3. Standing O.

where were you the night Ben Simmons lost his Three Card

Ben Simmons is trending in the US #Sixers

Ben Simmons made a 3-pointer against a Chinese team in an exhibition game that the #Sixers are winning by 40 points. It’s the greatest moment in Philadelphia sports history. My column:

? Ben Simmons hit a three! ?
? Ben Simmons hit a three! ?
? Ben Simmons hit a three! ?
? Ben Simmons hit a three! ?
? Ben Simmons hit a three! ?

Give the #Sixers the title already. #NBAPreseason

Some of the most iconic moments in NBA history.

Put Ben Simmons's first three in the Louvre.

Ben Simmons decided not to listen to Silver and took a shot at China.

As a basketball fan, there are some moments you'll simply never forget.

Simmons is yet to hit a triple in his NBA career and hasn’t made one in a regular season game since November 30, 2015, when he scored against Charleston while at LSU. That was the only made three of his college career.

The point guard had a game-high 21 points to go with seven assists and eight rebounds as the 76ers led 117-61 with a quarter to play. He sat in the fourth.

He wasn’t the only one causing a stir from long-range in Wednesday’s games either as ex-Philly centre Boban Marjanovic and OKC’s Steven Adams connected as the Mavs and Thunder squared off.

Steven Adams and Boban Marjanovic show off their range on ESPN! #NBAPreseason

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