Halloween 2018: LeBron James reportedly set to produce ‘Friday the 13th’ reboot

“Halloween” returned to theaters in 2018, but it won’t be the only horror series to get a reboot if LeBron James has his way.

As Variety and Bloody Disgusting recently reported, James’ SpringHill Entertainment company is “in talks to acquire the rights” to the “Friday the 13th” story, with the Los Angeles Lakers superstar attached to a remake or sequel as an expected producer.

James has obviously been as busy off the court as he’s been on it as a new member of the Lakers. The former Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star opened his I Promise School in Akron, Ohio, this year and has been especially active in the entertainment industry, lending his voice to Warner Animation Group’s “Smallfoot,” preparing a Showtime series and signing on to a future “Space Jam” sequel.

“The project is still in early development,” Variety reported, with no writer or director attached to a new entry on famed hockey-mask-wearing killer Jason Voorhees. But Warner Bros. is expected to “land the film,” with James’ SpringHill Entertainment part of the movie’s production team.

The original “Friday the 13th” released in 1980, two years after Michael Myers’ debut in 1978’s “Halloween.” Since then, the series has spawned 11 follow-ups, the most recent of which came in 2009.

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