Dustin Poirier makes his prediction for Conor McGregor trilogy fight

UFC star Dustin Poirier has pulled no punches in predicting that he will "stop" Conor McGregor again in his trilogy bout with the Irishman this summer.

Poirier defeated McGregor by knock-out in their rematch at UFC 257 last January, which drew the fighters level after the Dubliner beat Poirier in their first encounter in 2014.

The 32-year-old is throwing everything at the fight and even turned down a title bout against Charles Oliveira to be able to go up against McGregor again.

Poirier told ESPN MMA : "I'm going to stop Conor again. On July 10 I'm going to get my hand raised and I'm going to finish Conor McGregor again."

When asked if he was going to beat McGregor faster than he did last time, he responded: "I don't do all of that. I just show up ready to scrap."

Poirier also spoke about why the fight means so much to him and how defeating McGregor has affected his career.

He said: "The celebrity and power that Conor has I don't know if people, I mean a lot of people probably do realise that.

"But you go out there and you knock a guy out like that, it is like I've been fighting for 14 years and overnight you have one performance like that and everything changes.

"Things start to line up. Opportunities are more open and my phone hasn't stopped ringing. It's been a whirlwind since January 24."

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