Scared straight: Chris Sale motivates Red Sox with rant during Game 4 of World Series

LOS ANGELES — Chris Sale, his eyes burning with rage, couldn’t believe what he was seeing Saturday evening, and could no longer keep it inside.

When his Boston Red Sox teammates trudged into the dugout after the sixth inning, he screamed. He yelled obscenities. He made wild hand gestures. He was infuriated at them, telling his teammates they were sleep-walking, and it was time to wake the hell up.

“It scared me a little bit because I had never see him yell like that,’’ Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers said. “The words that he was saying, I had never heard that come from him before.

“But, you know, we came out sluggish and that moment was huge. It helped us get motivated for the rest of the game.’’

Red Sox second baseman Brock Holt said he was actually in the tunnel of the dugout when he heard a commotion, asked outfielder Mookie Betts who was yelling, and trembled when he heard it was Sale.

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