Michael Block gives amazing response after Rory McIlroy news

Michael Block has been the story of the US PGA Championship this weekend, sitting at even par heading into the final day. Block is a club pro in southern California, whose day job is to teach golfing lessons for about £100.

Block is one of 20 club pros who are given the chance to play the course and make the cut, something that not too many have done with much success. But this weekend, the 46-year-old has shocked the golfing world by making the cut and going on to play a tremendous few rounds at Oak Hill Country Club.

A number of world class players, including Jon Rahm, had struggled hugely on Saturday as they played through tough conditions with the rain and wind coming down hard throughout the day.

But Block had an exceptional round, climbing up the leaderboard and making it all the way to tied eighth, when he shot 70 on the day with the New York crowd cheering him on.

And after he finished his round, Block spoke to the media – an unusual situation for him to find himself in, before being told who he would be paired with on the final day.

A reported told him that he would be with McIlroy, as he responded: “Are you serious? Wow.” Block turned away from the camera as he smiled and grinned in delight. He added: “That should be fun. We’re going to have a good time… Really? Oh boy.”

A video of Block’s reaction went viral across social media, with McIlroy responding to it on Instagram. He said: “Looking forward to it, Michael.”

While Block is seemingly enjoying himself, playing with a huge smile – there’s serious financial implications as he heads into the last day.

Should Block finish within the top 10, he could earn as much as $500,000 (£397k), with a potential $700,000 (£556k) if he makes it into the top five.

Brooks Koekpa is currently leading the field, after winning the competition in both 2018 and 2019.

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