Tim Tszyu slams ‘insecure’ Michael Zerafa’s ‘disrespectful’ decision

Tim Tszyu has fired another shot across the bow at Michael Zerafa after the latter pulled out of their much-anticipated fight on 7 July due to Covid-19 health and safety concerns.

Zerafa, who is based in Victoria, was not satisfied that adequate arrangements had been made for him and his camp to travel for Newcastle for the fight.

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The Greater Sydney area is in the middle of a two-week lockdown after a spike in Covid-19 cases, and Zerafa was reportedly wary of being caught in the health crisis if the outbreak spread further afield in NSW.

Fans have ripped into Zerafa for withdrawing from the fight, and now Tszyu has slammed his would-be opponent’s decision as “disrespectful”.

“When he goes to sleep, when he’s by himself, all alone at night, he’s a very insecure man,” Tszyu told the Daily Telegraph.

“He needs people around him. Maybe his team broke. Something happened.

“This is not going to disappear. This will be the worst decision of his career, I don’t think there’s any coming back from this.

Tim Tszyu (left) has come out swinging at Michael Zerafa for his decision to withdraw from their hotly-anticipated fight. (Photo by Peter Lorimer/Getty Images)Source:Getty Images

Tszyu believes Zerafa should have moved heaven and earth to get the fight to happen and he has let people down.

“You are gifted this one opportunity that you should take with both hands. He let it go, without thinking of the consequences,” he said.

“Whatever the reason is, there should be no excuses.

“You get your arse here and you fight, no matter what.”

“It’s disrespectful to Fox Sports, to (promoter) Matt Rose, to No Limit,” Tszyu said.

“This stuff takes a lot of time, a lot of planning, a lot of financial expense to make happen.

“To just pull out, you’re just disrespectful.”

Queensland’s Stevie Spark has stepped up and will fight Tszyu on Wednesday night, labelling the opportunity his “Cinderella moment”.

“If I can pull this win off, it would be unbelievable,” Spark said.

“To me, this is my Cinderella Man movie. This is my Rocky moment.

“I’m the unknown for Tszyu. I’ll tell you one thing, I have more of a chance than Michael Zerafa because he hasn’t shown up.

“I know not many people give me a chance and I know I‘m not supposed to win this fight, but in the ring I don’t fear any man.”

Tszyu said he will not be underestimating Spark, even though his preparation was entirely focused on Zerafa.

“I’m not underestimating him, I think he’s going to be a tough challenge,” he said.

“I’m going in there with a real confident mentality, believing I’m levels apart from anyone in the world.

“So everyone they put in front of me, I just have to get rid of.

Tszyu suggested he has his eyes set on greater challenges.

“I just want to fight the top boys, that’s it, simple,” he said.

“It was hard to process things at first, it was a hard night to get through, but I got through it.

“I’m confident now I’m in the right mindset to go on to the next. Zerafa is forgotten, right now I’ve got Spark on my mind and he’s probably a bigger challenge than Zerafa.”

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