Liam Smith sends message to fighter Chris Eubank Jr left in a coma

Chris Eubank Jr says Liam Smith ’embarrassed himself’ in controversial exchange

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Nick Blackwell, who was previously left in a coma after a brutal British title clash against Chris Eubank Jr, received a message of support from Liam Smith, who knocked the Brighton-born boxer out on Saturday night.

The Liverpudlian knocked the 33-year-old to the ground twice in the fourth round before the referee brought a halt to the fight. A raucous Manchester Arena crowd erupted with delight as ‘Beefy’ secured an impressive-yet-surprising win over the former IBO super-middleweight champion.

Post-fight Smith took to social media to send a message to Nick Blackwell, who was severely injured during his loss to Eubank Jr in 2016. “Alright Nick, hope you’re well mate, that was for you,” Smith said with a huge smile on his face.

Pleased with the result of last night’s fight, Blackwell congratulated both fighters and praised Smith’s stunning knockout victory. “I’m BUZZING what a Fight Well done @LiamBeefySmith you’ve made my night I thought you would win YESSSS,” he wrote.

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“Well done both fighters glad they made it home safely to your family’s,first person to put @ChrisEubankJr on the canvas I’m sure they be a rematch… @boxxer.” The former British middleweight champion defeated Blackwell via TKO, who was taken to hospital with bleeding on the brain, and was placed in a medically induced coma for treatment.

But on Saturday night it was Eubank Jr who experienced a knockout defeat for the first time in his career – both amateur and professional. In round four, Smith landed a solid left hook that wobbled Eubank Jr as he slumped into the corner after some stiff follow-up shots.

The resilient Eubank Jr made his way to his feet but struggled to maintain his balance, staggering around the ring. The fight could have been called there but the referee chose to restart the action and when he did Smith instantly landed a huge overhand right that sent Eubank Jr tumbling forwards, holding on for dear life before the fight was eventually waved off.

Eubank Jr was escorted out of the arena shortly after the loss but not before showing immense class in congratulating his rival. “Listen, big congratulations to him,” he said. “I felt like I could have gone on but he caught me with a great shot.

“The build-up was the build-up, it got a bit ugly in the end, I regretted that and I respect you and I respect your family. I will return. If the fans want a rematch we can get it on at Anfield but big respect man, I appreciate it.” 

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