KSI vs Logan Paul: A look into lavish lives of YouTube's mega-stars

From buying a one-of-a-kind $500k necklace and custom-made Lamborghini Aventador to earning £27MILLION in merchandise sales alone in one year… the lavish lifestyles of KSI and Logan Paul

  • YouTube duo KSI and Logan Paul will fight once again inside the squared circle
  • Mega-stars in their own right, they’ve amassed personal fortunes over the years
  • From buying a custom-made Lamborghini to shelling out on a £4.8m mansion
  • Here, Sportsmail takes a look into the lavish lifestyles of KSI and Logan Paul 

It’s not uncommon to see the Staples Center attract some of the world’s wealthiest people.

The iconic arena – home to both the Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers – often sees California’s elite occupy courtside seats, which can go as much for $6,750 a game, with the likes of Jack Nicholson and Denzel Washington sat inches away from the action.

This Saturday night, two of YouTube’s wealthiest stars take to the ring inside the world famous venue where ‘the biggest event in internet history’ will take place. Great Britain’s KSI will go toe-to-toe with America’s Logan Paul in a huge money-spinning rematch.

YouTube mega-stars KSI (left) and Logan Paul (right) face off ahead of their rematch in LA

While many will be unfamiliar with the pair – especially as sporting athletes – they are mega-stars in their own right. 

The eccentric duo have made a name for themselves of social media platforms such as YouTube and the now-defunct video app Vine, before venturing into music, comedy and now sport.

KSI, whose real name is Olajide William Olatunji, and Paul have already raked in a jaw-dropping amount of money from their first fight, which was the biggest white-collar boxing fight in history, with up to 1.2million pay-per-view buys.

They wore headguards in the first fight but will be without them this time after turning pro

Their money-spinning first bout inside the Manchester Arena ended in a majority draw

Their rematch this weekend is expected to exceed the £150m mark with the likes of Eddie Hearn, Sky Sports and DAZN all jumping on the bandwagon for the November 9 spectacle.

Both still in their mid-twenties, KSI and Paul will have been offered a split purse, worth a staggering amount of money but bragging rights is the only thing that matters come Saturday.

‘I’ve got money – I’ve got plenty of money,’ KSI laughed in his recent interview on the True Geordie podcast.

And he’s right. He does have money. A lot of it.

KSI (left), 26, and Paul (right), 24, have become self-made millionaires over the past decade

Paul, who became famous on the now defunct video app Vine, lives it up on a luxurious yacht

Watford-born KSI is no stranger to living the high life, as he poses in royal garments on a throne

KSI reportedly earns £2.9 million ($4.5m) a year from his work on YouTube, but his pay will fluctuate as he is paid based on his activity, sponsorship and advertising revenue, rather than a salary from the video-hosting website.  

Forbes listed KSI at No 5 in their ‘World’s Highest-Paid YouTube Stars’ list in 2015, but has since been overtaken by the Paul brothers, Logan and Jake, since then.

And the British YouTuber isn’t shy about flaunting his wealth.

In 2016, the 26-year-old moved into a £4.5m mansion with three of his close friends, who were all part of a group of YouTubers dubbed as ‘The Sidemen’.

KSI lived in a luxury £4.5m mansion that he shared with friends, who were named the Sidemen

The multi million-pound mansion had a swimming pool, gym, sauna and more

The 26-year-old Brit also bought a custom-made Lamborghini Avendator a few years ago


YouTube creators make money through advertising revenue from adverts placed around uploaded content.  

Most YouTubers make money by signing up to the ‘YouTube partners program’. YouTube places ads before and during your videos and split the revenue 55-45% in the users favour. 

It’s hard to put an exact number on how much people make but uploaders make roughly between £1 to £3 for every 1,000 views they generate, although the biggest names will earn more. KSI has logged 4bn views since he started uploading.

The biggest stars also have sponsorship deals and merchandise sales on top of their YouTube earnings, and will be making millions per year. 

The luxury estate boasted six en-suite bedrooms, cinema, gym, large indoor swimming pool and sauna. 

The group also had 24-hour security to guard the property. They all moved out of the house earlier this year.

‘JJ’ as he is known to close friends, also shelled out £388,000 ($500,000) on a one-of-a-kind, diamond encrusted necklace, which was modelled on the Dragon Ball Z character ‘Beerus’.

KSI also brought to light how much money YouTubers could actually make, if successful, after he splashed out on a Lamborghini Aventador back in 2014. 

And Paul is no stranger to the lavish lifestyle, either.

A scroll through the 24-year-old’s Instagram shows off his extensive custom car collection while also capturing his trips to each corner of the globe, whether he’s relaxing in Rome or sunbathing on a yacht with his nearest and dearest.

Earlier this year, KSI also spent £388,000 ($500,000) on a necklace he designed

The self-made entrepreneur and entertainer set up his own clothing brand ‘Maverick’ in 2017, which raked in a staggering £27m cash ($35m) in that year alone, as revealed in a interview on Monday.

His 24million subscribers also made sure that he still raked in eight-figure sums in the aftermath of his infamous ‘suicide forest’ stunt, where Paul became public enemy No 1 after filming and laughing at a deceased corpse and putting the video up online.

Following what everyone thought would be a career-ending scandal, Paul still managed to earn a whopping £11.2m before taxes and fees between June 1, 2017, and June 1, 2018, up 16 per cent from £9.7m the year prior.

Just like his opponent, the fortune Paul has amassed has seen him shell out £4.8m on a luxurious two-storey mansion in the hills of Los Angeles, which boasts seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a huge swimming pool and a one-bed guest house. 

Paul poses in front of his two-storey mansion which is situated in the hills of Los Angeles

The house set the 24-year-old back £4.8m, which he bought in October 2017

His mansion, which boasts seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and a large outdoor pool

His home is tucked away in hills of the affluent area of Encino on the Rancho Estate


From an outsiders perspective, there isn’t much to separate KSI and Paul, that much is true. 

Even their first fight was scored as a majority draw by the three judges inside the Manchester Arena last year.

However, with no headguards and fans baying for blood, both men are promising a devastating knock-out that money can’t buy.

Subscribe to DAZN to watch KSI vs Logan Paul 2 on Saturday, November 9.

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