Jake Paul insists he has NO interest in fighting rival Tommy Fury

Jake Paul insists he has NO interest in fighting bitter rival Tommy Fury after pulling out of their lucrative bout through injury, and says he would rather fight his heavyweight star brother Tyson… or even his dad John!

  • Jake Paul has insisted he not interested in fighting Manchester-born Tommy Fury
  • Tommy was due to face Paul on December 18, but had to pull out due to injury
  • Fury, 22, is aiming to become a champion in the boxing world in the future 

Jake Paul says he is not interested in fighting with Tommy Fury, with his brother and even his dad having more of a chance than the Manchester-born boxer and reality TV star.

Former Love Island star Fury was set to go head-to-head with Paul on December 18, but he had to pull out a few weeks before due to injury.

Speaking to Volume Sports, Paul said he’d rather face Tommy’s family members than give his rival a payday.

Jake Paul has no interest in fighting Tommy Fury and would rather face his brother or dad

Tommy Fury was due to fight Paul in December before he had to pull out due to injury

‘He wants the payday. But I said it before, I don’t wanna take the fight with him, he doesn’t deserve it. I’d rather fight Tyson Fury. I’ll fight his brother or his dad before I’ll fight Tommy.’

Both Tommy and Paul will likely battle it out at some stage with the money at stake, but the former has insisted he will not entertain anymore talk and focus on his career should a bout not be rearranged.

Fury, 22, suffered a broken rib and chest infection, therefore, allowing Tyron Woodley to get the rematch he wanted.

After knocking Woodley out, Fury said it was the ‘worst six rounds of boxing I’ve seen’, and has reiterated his desire to face Paul.

‘The fact of the matter is there’s unfinished business here and this fight needs to take place, because how can he be serious about fighting if he’s never fought a boxer before?’ Fury said.

Paul battled it out with Tyron Woodley beating the former UFC champion for the second time

After Paul knocked Woodley out, Fury said it was ‘the worse six rounds of boxing he had seen’ 

‘How can he be serious about this? He keeps referring to the UFC. If he wants to go and fight in the UFC, don’t put on a pair of boxing gloves again and go and fight in the UFC. Don’t call yourself a boxer if you’ve never ever fought one.

‘Make no mistake, that’s the fight I want next,’ Fury continued, ‘and I’ll always be checking in with my team every single day to see where we’re up to with that. But there comes a time where I have my own career. My goal still isn’t changed.

‘My goal is to be a champion in this sport. And believe it or not, fighting Jake Paul, it doesn’t give me that at all. Fighting Jake Paul will never make me a champion in boxing. So Jake Paul, yes, it’s a great fight. It’s a big fight. But it doesn’t really make me achieve my dreams.’

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