IPL broadcaster blasted after women hosts rate Virat Kohli looks

IPL broadcaster Star Sports blasted by fans after women presenters rate Virat Kohli, Andre Russell and Shubman Gill in Tinder-style ‘Hot or Not’ segment

  • Star Sports has been criticised for airing a ‘Hot or Not’ segment 
  • Women TV hosts were asked to rate cricket stars based on their looks 
  • Cricket fans took to Twitter to criticise the controversial segment 

Star Sports, broadcaster for the Indian Premier League, has been slammed by cricket fans after a new segment showing women TV hosts rating male cricketers based on their looks was aired. 

Host Mayanti Langer and three other female presenters played along in a Tinder-style segment in which a series of photos of IPL stars were shown and they were asked whether they would swipe right or left.

Virat Kohli, Shubman Gill and Andre Russell were among the cricketers featured in the controversial segment that aired during Star Sports’ coverage of the IPL.

The presenters ‘swiped left’ on Kohli, meaning they rejected the India batsman, said Gill was ‘too young’ but complimented Russell on his muscular physique. 

A clip of the segment was widely shared on Twitter, with fans far from impressed with the game, and called for the broadcaster to focus on the competition.

IPL broadcaster Star Sports has been blasted for airing a ‘Hot or Not’ segment

Women TV hosts were asked to rate cricket stars based on their looks

In the Tinder-style segment, they swiped left on Virat Kohli but compliment Andre Russell

Cricket fans took to Twitter to criticise the broadcaster for its controversial new segment

‘Is this a cricket related show or what… Star Sports you are a disgrace.’

‘Imagine asking a senior anchor and married woman like Mayanti Langer to pick sides for a junior fellow like Shubman Gill,’ another poster said. ‘She was clearly uncomfortable.’

Another said: ‘This could be one of the lowest points of cricket telecast in India. BCCI should take some initiative here so there won’t be any such kind of programs again.’ 

A fourth said: ‘Is this for real?’ 

Star Sports has yet to comment on the segment.  

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