Man Utd defender Chris Smalling and Lawrence Okolie explain why they went vegan

What do Chris Smalling, Venus Williams and Lawrence Okolie have in common? They’ve all drastically switched their diets with the aim of improving their performance.

Sky Sports News’ Jessica Creighton caught up with Manchester United defender Smalling and boxer Okolie to discuss their decision to go vegan.

Smalling swapped his United shirt for an apron to prepare a plant-based lunch, which he says helps his recovery after matches.

Meanwhile, Okolie gives a sneak peek into his fridge to explain what he eats ahead of a big fight and says he has even tried to get Anthony Joshua to stop eating meat.

Smalling and Okolie are not the only sports stars who have changed their diet. Chelsea Women’s Karen Carney, tennis star Venus Williams and five-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton have all made the switch.

Watch Smalling and Okolie explain their switch to being vegan by clicking on the video above.

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