‘Fundamental’ issue in Ricciardo disaster

It has been an action packed two days so far in Austria with practice accidents and penalties shaking up the normal order.

While Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen are on the front row ahead of Mercedes pair Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton with a mix of results throughout the rest of the field.

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Row 1 — Charles Leclerc (FERRARI), Max Verstappen (RED BULL)

Row 2 — Valtteri Bottas (MERCEDES), Lewis Hamilton (MERCEDES)

Row 3 — Lando Norris (MCLAREN), Kimi Räikkönen (ALFA ROMEO)

Row 4 — Antonio Giovinazzi (ALFA ROMEO), Pierre Gasly (RED BULL)

Row 5 — Sebastian Vettel (FERRARI), Kevin Magnussen (HAAS)

Row 6 — Romain Grosjean (HAAS), Daniel Ricciardo (RENAULT)

Row 7 — Sergio Perez (RACING POINT), Lance Stroll (RACING POINT)

Row 8 — Nico Hulkenberg (RENAULT), Daniil Kvyat (TORO ROSSO)

Row 9 — Robert Kubica (WILLIAMS), Alexander Albon (TORO ROSSO)

Row 10 — Carlos Sainz (MCLAREN), George Russell (WILLIAMS)


‘Fundamental’ issue in Ricciardo disaster

Daniel Ricciardo has spoken out about his Q2 elimination at the Austrian Grand Prix, saying he felt something was “fundamentally wrong” during qualifying.

Ricciardo finished 14th in Q2 but was moved up to the sixth row for the race after penalties wreaked havoc.

But the Aussie and teammate Nico Hulkenberg also failed to impress on Friday as well, which spoke to deeper issues.

“To be honest, I’ll be straight today, something fundamentally felt wrong,” Ricciardo told the F1 website. “We really struggled, I’d say all weekend, but even more so today actually.

“I think yesterday was a bit of set-up but today it felt like we had some bigger issues that we’ve never really addressed or never were really able to address, just with balance.

“It just wasn’t really happening today, so it was a bit of a handful. I’m more curious to understand why and where we’ve kind of lost out a bit this weekend.”

Daniel Ricciardo felt there were some “fundamental issues” with his Renault in Austria.Source:Getty Images

Ricciardo was fortunate to push up to 12th, but his teammate Hulkenberg dropped to 15th after changing to his fifth internal combustion engine for the season.

“I think we got a few freebies from some penalties in front of me, but hopefully we just get it all set for the race tomorrow,” Ricciardo said. “I know we can’t change much now but just to see it all on the pads tonight and hopefully that it’s all symmetrical.”

It’s been a frustrating time for Ricciardo with the Aussie hoping to pick up some championship points after missing out in the French GP.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Ricciardo said it was a harsh call to punish him so deeply.

“Two I think was harsh, one I can understand,” he said.

“When I was behind him (Raikkonen), I knew it was going to be close, but I saw a bit of a gap before the white line and I was like ‘stuff it’. I also knew that if I go to the outside I’m not going to clear the move before Turn 10, and he’s either going to drag me out or Nico (Hulkenberg) was going to stream both of us, so for me I only had only choice in my head at the time.

“I saw a little bit of daylight, I went for it, and it wasn’t there. I knew I’d probably get something for that, or at least a slap on the wrist. But the Lando one … I just think to treat it as two separate incidents was a bit extreme. Already giving me the penalty for Kimi dropped me to 10th, I think that was a big enough penalty, but to drop me out of the points …”

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