When did Tiger Woods last win a major? How many has he now won after Masters 2019 success?

When did Tiger Woods last win a golf major?

Woods hasn’t won a major tournament since his 2008 success at the US Open.

His career was in major doubt last year due to a back injury.

The 43-year-old needed a nerve block simply to attend the Champions Dinner at Augusta National in 2017 and flew to London the same evening to consult a specialist about his ongoing back problems.

“I was done at that particular time,” Woods said when accepting an award from the Golf Writers Association of America earlier this week.

“It was tough and uncomfortable. I ended up going to England that night, saw a specialist there, [and] they recommended unfortunately for me the only way to get rid of the pain I was living in was to have the spinal fusion surgery.”

The operation was a last roll of the dice but proved a success, Woods returning to competition in November that year and then playing a full season in 2018, culminating in his 80th PGA Tour in the Tour Championship in Atlanta.

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