Wild Man Max Scherzer Is Pitching With A Huge Shiner One Day After Breaking His Nose

Tuesday afternoon Max Scherzer broke his nose during batting practice, while working on his bunting. Among the many reasons this was unfortunate is poor timing: Scherzer was scheduled to pitch Wednesday evening, in the second game of a day-night doubleheader. The Nationals brought a pitcher up from Triple-A Fresno, anticipating that Scherzer would be unable to go. They were wrong! Because Scherzer is a madman, not only is he on the mound Wednesday night, black eye and all, but he actually took batting practice again Wednesday afternoon.

Scherzer is intense enough on the mound without giving him a black eye and a throbbing face. God help Dave Martinez if he tries to pull Scherzer mid-inning tonight. He might not survive the encounter.

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