Chuck Person was so broke he started taking bribes in NCAA recruiting scandal, his lawyers say

Chuck Person was in a desperate situation when he decided to take bribes in one of the biggest NCAA scandals, according to his lawyers.

The former Auburn assistant was broke and in a financial bind, which prompted him to start taking bribes from financial advisers to steer certain players to the bribe-paying advisers and managers, his legal team claims in federal court documents, via The Associated Press.

His lawyers have submitted paperwork to the judge in the Manhattan federal district court asking that he not send Person, who has pleaded guilty in the case, to prison because to his desperation at the time.

“Chuck recognizes that his failure to manage his money responsibly led him to make the worst decision of his entire life,” the lawyers said. “He grew up poor and suddenly came into millions of dollars without a clue how to manage it. Chuck spent too freely, gave to anyone who asked, made dreadful investment decisions, and turned to high interest loans as his financial circumstances deteriorated.”

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